Big Rapids Farm and Garden was founded in the fall of 1968 by Richard Millis and Ken Draper. After returning from the Army, in 1971, Ron Millis took over as manager. In 1980 the first grain dryer bins were constructed. Five years later a scale and warehouse were added to hold bulk fertilizer and weigh bulk grain, lime, and fertilizer. Then in 1998 a brand new storefront was constructed. In the Summer of 2016 Steve Cramer purchased Big Rapids Farm & Garden from Ron Millis.

Big Rapids Farm and Garden is known for having a knowledgeable staff and exceptional service. Today, we strive to hold our old time commitment of providing feed and supplies to a broad range of customers in Mecosta County and the surrounding areas of: Montcalm, Isabella, Osceola, Newaygo and Wexford counties. We are dedicated to supporting these areas and are excited to share our animal and farm knowledge with you.

Big Rapids Drive Through

Big Rapids Drive Through
steve cramer owner of big rapids farm & garden big rapids michigan
About the Owner

Steve Cramer purchased Big Rapids Farm & Garen from Ron Millis in the summer of 2016. With 24 years experience at Big Rapids Farm & Garden Steve has cultivated expert projection planning to accomodate for a wide variety of customer needs. Being a farmer himself, Steve has gained vast knowledge about livestock and an understanding of the farming lifestyle. This helps provide solutions to many people in the surrounding areas. For the community, Steve has provided a great inpact for the youth through being the president of the fair board and also through his involvement in the 4-H Club. Steve and the rest of the staff at Big Rapids Farm & Garden are available to help answer any questions you have. Please contact us by calling our store Monday through Friday 8am – 5pm and Saturday 8am – 3pm. 

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